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Nr. Acronym  Title  Duration Sorted ascending Last Update Sorted ascending
121 TRUMP Temporal variability in the chemical composition of bottom sediments in the Pomeranian Bay (southern Baltic) 1996-1997 11/13/06
122 TRUMP Near-bottom fluxes and composition of suspended matter in the Pomeranian Bay 1997-1997 11/13/06
123 LIFE Boreal Baltic Coastal Meadow Preservation in Estonia 2001-2004 11/13/06
124 LIFE Ecotourism and nature protection in the Kaliningrad Region 1997-1998 11/13/06
125 CoPraNet System of Integral Management of Beaches 11/13/06
126 CoPraNet The Complex of Problems of Coastal Protection on Ornö 2004-2004 11/13/06
127 HELCOM HELCOM PITF MLW Demonstration Project "Management Plans for Coastal Lagoons and Wetlands, Phase 1b" 11/13/06
128 CoPraNet Esposende – Ofir Stretch 11/13/06
129 CoPraNet Integrated Planning Along European Coasts - Severn Estuary 11/13/06
130 CoPraNet Selected Aspects of Public Participation in Polish Coastal Zones 11/13/06
131 CoPraNet Assessment of intertidal morphological changes using video monitoring 11/13/06
132 CoPraNet Coastal erosion related to a sediment deficit in the nearshore zone: The case of Wissant Bay, Northern France 11/13/06
133 CoPraNet A review of the “Rural Beach Management: A Good Practice Guide” by McKenna et al. 11/13/06
134 CoPraNet The Clean Coast Project in Morriscastle Beach, Co. Wexford and Sandycove Beach, Co. Dublin. 11/13/06
135 CoPraNet Partnership Approach to Shoreline Management Planning in North West England 11/14/06
136 CoPraNet Coastal Dune Management on a Shoreline Subject to Strong Human Pressure: The Dunkirk Area, Northern France 11/14/06
137 CoPraNet Quantification of storm-driven shoreline changes using video monitoring 11/14/06
138 TRUMP Structure and function of the Pomeranian Bight - nutrient transport, retention and budgets 11/14/06
139 TRUMP Comparisons of structure, function, regulation, and nutrient fate in the northern German Lagoons under special references to the eutrophication process 11/14/06
140 TRUMP The sedimentary record of environmental changes in the Oder estuary 11/14/06
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