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Nr. Acronym  Title  Duration  Last Update 
81 Joint Polish-German Pomeranian Bay Project 1996-1997 02/09/06
82 TRUMP The impact of the River Odra on the phytoplankton composition and biomass in the Pomeranian Bay 1993-1997 11/14/06
83 TRUMP Temporal variability in the chemical composition of bottom sediments in the Pomeranian Bay (southern Baltic) 1996-1997 11/13/06
84 TRUMP Near-bottom fluxes and composition of suspended matter in the Pomeranian Bay 1997-1997 11/13/06
85 HELCOM HELCOM PITF MLW Demonstration Project "Management Plans for Coastal Lagoons and Wetlands, Phase 1b" 11/13/06
86 Phytal matter sediment enrichment vs. dynamics meiobenthic communities in a eutrophic coastal Baltic Lagoons 1997-1997 11/14/06
87 HIMOM A system of hierarchical monitoring methods for assessing changes in the biological and physical state of intertidal areas 2002-2005 05/22/08
88 ODER98 Hydrodynamics and transports in tideless coastal waters 1998-1998 05/20/08
89 COLORS Coastal region long-term measurements for colour remote sensing development and validation 1997-2000 02/13/06
90 PIONEER Preparation and Integration of Analysis Tools towards Operational Forecast of Nutrients in Estuaries of European Rivers 02/14/06
91 OSTSEELAND "Tourismus Kooperation Vorpommern" 08/18/06
92 TRUMP Dynamic of river plumes in the Pomeranian Bight 1993-1996 11/13/06
93 MERMAID Marine Environmental Remote-controlled Measuring and Integrated Detection 1990-1996 05/20/08
94 COASTLOOC Developement of algorithms for the use of Ocean Colour data in Coastal Waters to detect optically active material and assess biological processes 1996-1999 05/16/08
95 IOP International Odra Project 1997-2000 10/20/06
96 TRUMP Structure and function of the Pomeranian Bight - nutrient transport, retention and budgets 11/14/06
97 COASTBASE The European Virtual Coastal and Marine Data Warehouse 2000-2001 05/04/07
98 TRUMP The sedimentary record of environmental changes in the Oder estuary 11/14/06
99 Nutrient status in the Szczecin Lagoon - past, present, as well as future prospects 1990-1998 11/14/06
100 TRUMP Comparisons of structure, function, regulation, and nutrient fate in the northern German Lagoons under special references to the eutrophication process 11/14/06
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