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361 CoPraNet Coastal erosion related to a sediment deficit in the nearshore zone: The case of Wissant Bay, Northern France 13/11/06
362 EUROSSAM European Salt Marshes Modelling 20/02/06
363 DESIMA Decision Support for Integrated Coastal Zone Management 18/08/06
364 RIBAMOD River basin modelling, management and flood mitigation 23/02/06
365 ICAMS An integrated coastal analysis and monitoring system for operational application in coastal regions 18/08/06
366 CoPraNet The planning and minimisation of the risks associated with the increasing vulnerability of the coastal edge of Central Region of Portugal 01/02/07
367 CoPraNet Managing the Coastal Zone of the Central Region of Portugal 16/11/06
368 CoPraNet Partnership Approach to Shoreline Management Planning in North West England 14/11/06
369 CoPraNet Esposende – Ofir Stretch 13/11/06
370 CoPraNet Coastal Dune Management on a Shoreline Subject to Strong Human Pressure: The Dunkirk Area, Northern France 14/11/06
371 CoPraNet Quantification of storm-driven shoreline changes using video monitoring 14/11/06
372 CoPraNet Assessment of intertidal morphological changes using video monitoring 13/11/06
373 EUROSION Case Study: Vecchia Pineta (Italy) 04/01/07
374 I-ADApT Assessment based on Description and responses, and Appraisal for a Typology 13/02/17
375 CoPraNet Selected Aspects of Public Participation in Polish Coastal Zones 13/11/06
376 EUROSION Case Study: Marinella di Sarzana (Italy) 04/01/07
377 EUROSION Case Study: Gulf of Riga (Latvia) 04/01/07
378 EU demo on ICZM Integrated management of a living Atlantic coastline Devon and Cornwall 04/01/07
379 EU Demo on ICZM Concerted Actions for the Management of the Strymonikos Coastal Zone 04/01/07
380 EU demo on ICZM Local management plans on the Norwegian coasts 04/01/07
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